Your firm has a business strategy. Do you have a Marketing Strategy?

Your firm has a Business Strategy. Do you have a Marketing Strategy?

Contrary to popular thought, it's not execution that limits the marketing impact of most firms. It's a lack of focus. Consequently, a snazzy new web site, new branding treatment, or infusion of new technology won't fix the problem of big efforts producing small results. You have to re-think the problem.

"Doing marketing" is not the same as having a comprehensive Marketing Strategy to powerfully focus your limited resources for maximum impact.

What kind of impact? More and better referrals, shorter sales cycles, higher profits, and the joy of having your book full of your best clients. Do those sound like vague, meatless claims? I hope not.

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You Can't Focus Without a Strategy

You Can't Focus Without a Strategy

Even the right focus won't create great marketing if you don't have a strategy to stay focused. Many hard-charging professional services firms stumble by going directly to tactics such as their website, developing content and creating email campaigns. They learn tactics-without-strategy become an oppressive master rather than a servant, holding your firm back rather than pushing it forward. Marketing that drives your firm to the next level must deliver Revenue, Profits, and higher quality Clients. Those aren't wishful ideals; those are strategic imperatives for a vibrant firm.

If the market is getting more competitive, why do you expect your marketing to become less hands-on?


Why you are a better choice, not how you are different

Clients Want a Better Choice, Not "Different"

The goal of marketing is to help potential clients make a decision. They must know why your firm is a better choice compared to other options for their needs, their situation, and their resources. If you don't think your potential clients have other options, you're delusional. Highlighting how you're "different" from other firms rather than focusing on why you are a better choice is marketing to yourself. It feels good, but you won't get the results you need.

Do you know why your best clients select your firm over other, often excellent, options?


Why Finding the Right Focus Is So Hard

Getting to the meaty bits of why clients select your firm requires setting aside your own biases. That's hard. Not why you would select your firm. Not why they ought to select your firm. Not all the valuable things you can do for them after they select your firm. Why your best clients select your firm over other options. In-depth interviews with my clients' clients and my relentless focus on the depths of this question changes how the firms I work with think about marketing.

The answer is revealing, and often freeing. Think of it as your firm's "Secret Sauce." Unlocking The One Question will transform how you think about marketing.

Your Secret Sauce is what truly sets you above other providers in the eyes of your best clients.

Unfortunately, your secret sauce is often obscured by marketing groupthink. It's easier to focus on what you want your secret sauce to be than finding out what it really is.


secret sauce

Your Secret Sauce Is More Powerful Than You Realize

Unlocking your secret sauce isn't like getting bit by a radioactive spider, but you'll be amazed at how empowering the experience is.

Even firms at the top of their game cling to the belief that technical expertise at a reasonable price trumps everything else. As a fellow professional, for years I wanted to believe this was true. That's not how you want to be evaluated. That's how clients evaluate commodities. Your best clients select you over and over again for reasons that are more subtle.

Your secret sauce is gas for your marketing. It accelerates Revenue, Profits, and winning more of your Best Clients.


See clearly with a new perspective

Your New Perspective Lets You Do More

Coming face-to-face with the reasons your best clients select your firm is like putting on new glasses. Whether you implement with internal staff or an agency, your new perspective will be invaluable for generating the results you expect.

Unless you see The Why through your clients' eyes, best practices are merely disconnected actions you ought to do. Working from The Why builds a clear bridge connecting specific actions to specific results.


Smile when you say Marketing

Stop Hating Marketing

I love what I do. One of my greatest joys is seeing established professionals who no longer hate marketing. They know what to do, why it will work, and they have a plan that matches their capabilities and resources. Their journey often starts with dreams of no-effort marketing, passes through the frustrating and mysterious world of "professional marketers," before finally landing in what some call the refreshing world of "real marketing."

If your job is leading a services firm of elite professionals, and you aren't afraid to slay a few marketing myths, I would enjoy talking about your firm and its needs. Together we can increase Revenue, improve Profitability, and add more of your Best Clients.


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