• Supercharge Your Marketing: Do more with less with Strategic Marketing 3.0
  • If you think your marketing isn't running at full power, it probably isn't
  • When competitors also do quality work, it's not a differentiator
  • If you can't execute, it's a bad strategy
  • Re-thinking your marketing strategy is difficult when it led to past success

Is Your Firm Under-Differentiated?

Expertise-based firms face unique challenges. To most professionals such as engineers, consultants, attorneys, or other seller-doers, marketing and selling are unpleasant and mysterious tasks. Creating and maintaining relationships is the foundation of your business, but neither the old ways of marketing—lunch and golf at the Country Club—nor the new ways—online ads and social media—are enough to put, or keep, your firm on an upward trajectory.

Being under-differentiated is risky. It means you don't control your own destiny. Your dreams are likely to remain dreams. Your firm's profitability, long-term health, and even survival are not assured. When you struggle to explain why your firm is a better choice than other often excellent options, your clients and partners will struggle even more. If your business is referral driven, this is an enormous problem—or opportunity.

Beyond the long-term danger, it's no fun working at an under-differentiated firm.

If you answer "yes" to any of the following, your firm is likely under-differentiated:

  • Tired of trying to scale the business by working ever harder.

  • Overspending on marketing because you lack the confidence to know where to fertilize and where to prune.

  • Struggling to get referrals that lead to new business even though you have many happy clients.

  • Fed up by competitors who say they are just as good.

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"My marketing and business development is doing just fine."

Are you content with the marketing you have because that's all you're ever known? Marketing that does more, costs less and feels natural to professionals stretches what seems possible.

It's impossible to focus when you lack confidence in what you are doing. Most consultants try to sell you on a specific, pre-determined course of action. A better approach is to jointly chart the best course to where you want to go based on your firm's available resources and capabilities. Everything that doesn't fit can be eliminated with confidence. What remains can be done with excellence. Your firm may not be able to do everything well, but it likely has the resources to do a very good job on what really matters.

If only you had confidence to know what really matters...


Confidence is empowering

If you’re like most professionals, you earned an advanced degree(s) to practice your profession, not to do sales and marketing. You’d like to think great work at a fair price is all you have to do to get clients. In the past, that might have been enough. Not anymore. Times are changing, and there’s no shortage of conflicting advice driving fear, uncertainty, and doubt about what to do.

Confidence frees you to focus on executing rather than hedging your bets about where you should be committing resources, especially your time. Confidence comes from knowing you have right priorities, not from some expert telling you what to do.

Your perspective changes dramatically when your marketing and business development rows in perfect sync and operates at the same high level as your firm’s professional work. Clients and prospects welcome conversations about doing business together. My yardstick is not how much you tell clients, but rather how much clients want to hear about your firm.


A practical approach that works the way you do

Most consultants try to scare you with tales of how you’re falling behind what everyone else is doing. I focus on action, not reaction. My clients learn to identify and focus on why customers select their firm over other, often excellent, options. My process is straightforward, yet powerful.

Clarity, Cohesion, and Credibility together form a robust, three-legged platform supporting your firm’s Growth.

  1. Clarity distills why clients chose your firm over other options.

  2. Cohension brings everything you do together and guides you toward the right activities—and only the right activities—for your specific situation and resources.

  3. Credibility expands the impact of your existing resources and now-more-efficient efforts.


Why so many firms get stuck

Firms that execute with Clarity, Cohesion, and Credibility outperform similar firms. Those that don't, get stuck. Three common reasons for getting struck are:

  1. Firm leadership is too close to the situation to set aside their own biases, forcing action based on incomplete or inaccurate knowledge and insights.

  2. The firm defines its positioning as either too-wide (we do everything) or too-generic (we do what everyone else does). “Good enough” positioning really isn’t. Extra work here pays off handsomely.

  3. No process guiding them to a successful result.


A single question underlies the best professional firm marketing

"What are the real reasons your best clients hire your firm?" This is not the same as why they ought to hire you or why you'd hire your firm. The real reasons often surprise even successful and well-run firms. Your best clients think you're a better choice than other, often excellent, options. Together we can build a marketing strategy that is efficient, effective, and that seller-doers can implement with utter confidence.

Why clients select your firm is much more than words or messaging. It's who you are, how you act, the people you hire, where you focus. Over time, it'll change the way you look at nearly every facet of your firm.


Results that Partners and Principals value

  • Marketing that is less mysterious and easier to understand

  • Marketing that generates more and better leads

  • Marketing and business development resources focused where they accomplish more

  • The confidence required to actually stop doing low-return and non-strategic activities

  • Support sales and business development to turn leads into clients

  • Observable increases in other parts of your firm, from sales training to new offers


My clients benefit from my perspective, depth, and experience. Together we can slay the dragons keeping your firm from achieving its potential—all while making it a better place to work.

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