• Supercharge Your Marketing: Do more with less with Strategic Marketing 3.0
  • If you think your marketing isn't running at full power, it probably isn't
  • When competitors also do quality work, it's not a differentiator
  • If you can't execute, it's a bad strategy
  • Re-thinking your marketing strategy is difficult when it led to past success

You don't need a zillion dollar budget to out-compete your competitors.

... or to boost sales and profits while attracting the best customers and employees in your industry.


Proven Solutions for Professional & Services Firms


Extending Your Team



Bruce exhibited a great ability to "dig in" to get a real understanding of our clients' needs / wants / perceptions that we would have missed with our traditional tactics.

Bobby Robertson, CEO, HealthCareFirst


Bruce is a great facilitator of team discussions who enables everyone to be heard and get buy-in for both the process and results.

Adam Love, Johnson Wright, Inc.

Long-Haul Results

Your research on our business and careful questioning of our partners provided a great marketing plan broad with initiatives, but scalable to match our needs and capacity.

Mario Wijtman, EVP, XL Construction

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  Strategic Marketing Plan

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De-Mystify Your Marketing

De-mystify your marketing to do more with less

The goal of marketing is to create a clear and compelling path for clients to select your firm. The Strategic Marketing 3.0 process takes the mystery out of what gets results. You gain the freedom to confidently stop paying for stuff that isn't focused on generating revenue when marketing, sales and business development are centered around why your best clients select your firm. You'll likely be surprised by what you learn about why clients select your firm.

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World-Class Clients

La Fetra Consulting Client logos: YouSendIt, Sprout, 3DConnexion, PayCycle
La Fetra Consulting Client logos: XL Construction, Rainmaker, Autodesk, The Riverside Company
La Fetra Consulting Client logos: Adobe, Crimson Consulting, Openwave, Symantec, HealthCareFirst
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