Directors of Marketing or Business Development

Directors work collaboratively

Confidently know where to grow and where to prune

The Director of Marketing lives at the intersection of business objectives, executive expectations and the real world. The status quo models fail to offer the higher levels of fiscal accountability demanded by CEOs. Soft goals like brand building are giving up priority to hard metrics for lead generation, funnel throughput, pipeline management, and lead conversion rates.

And yet, the entire marketing model isn't broken, so it is imperative to identify which elements are working, which can be re-tooled for the emerging environment, and which ones discontinued. Strategic change is rarely easy, less so when short-term demands for sales leads are increasing due to shifting customer behavior.

CEO and CMO expectations are that there will be investments in the future all the while doubling down on the present, but few Marketing Directors have the budget, staffing or bandwidth to tackle both. This is not the job for the faint of heart.

A Strategic Marketing Plan focuses available resources to accomplish the new demands with what is available. Markets are filled with uncertainty, so you need s framework you can use with senior management for evaluating new opportunities—and for re-evaluating existing ones. Marketing can't do it all alone, so the Strategic Marketing 3.0 framework offers a visible path connecting all corners of your firm to the marketing strategy.

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