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Health Check for Your Marketing

In today’s economy, you can no more afford marketing that fails to produce results than you can sales programs that don't generate sales. Great marketing has three components: doing the right activities, for the right people, and getting the right results.

A Marketing Failure Is a Business Failure

A Marketing Audit is a structured review of current marketing activities viewed against objectives and results. What is your marketing accomplishing, and is it what you set out to accomplish? The Marketing Audit highlights areas of concern, and identifies specific opportunities for improvement. We routinely work with all functional levels within a firm: CEO/Managing Partner/Practice Leader, CMO/VP of Marketing/Marketing Partner, and Directors.

You Need Actionable Information

While some marketing "audits" create the appearance of precision by delivering a numerical score, that's not very actionable. You scored a "74." Now what do you do? Makes you think it's just a sales tool.

A Marketing Audit is actionable when is focuses on identifying a set of next steps within the context of your goals. What works well for another firm may not be appropriate for your situation or resources.

I take a different approach. Yes, I hope the Marketing Audit opens the door to helping you uplevel your business. It gives us each a chance to see what it's like to work with the other. I can't diagnose your marketing with a formula. My Marketing Audit is largely qualitative, so it lends itself to specific action and is responsive to your specific needs and situation. A typical Marketing Audit includes some or all of the following components.

Internal Audit: Strategy, Structure, Systems and Results

The Internal Audit examines a company's ability to execute: strategy, structure, systems and results.

  • Strategy—How clear is your marketing strategy and is it shared across the organization and aligned with other corporate goals? Just as important, is it realistic given your resources?

  • Organizational structure—How does your marketing structure help or hinder the sales and business development process?

  • Systems—Do you have an effective system for planning and evaluating marketing programs and expenditures? "Everyone in the industry does it" is not rigorous criteria.

  • Results—Are you getting the results you need or expect?


External Audit: Customers & Segmentation, Partners and Competitors

Your marketing strategy isn't executed in a vacuum. Successful firms execute well internally and externally. We can customize this component to match a client's specific needs and situation.

  • Customers & Segmentation—Are you targeting the appropriate audiences? Great programs targeted at too broad an audience or the wrong audience will fail to generate the business you require to thrive.

  • Partners—How attractive a business decision is it for your partners to do business with your firm?

  • Competitors—It doesn't matter how well you execute, you won't win deals if you aren't better than the alternatives. Do you have to go head-to-head, or can you flank them?


Executive Audit

Marketing is at the core of successful businesses. We speak to executives across major functional areas within your firm to gain their perspective. Why is this important? Because in a well-integrated firm, "marketing thinking" can't be limited to Marketing. We encounter skeptical operational executives all the time, and love the ensuing conversation. We believe any company can be greater, and this is a key component of getting there.


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